✛✢✽ 2022
Poème sur affichage libre Poème sur panneaux élection Poème sur bouche de métro Poème devant collège Poème, agir Spécimen Recueil de poème Recueil intérieur Recueil poèmes zoom Constat avant-après
✛ Maintenance, contrôles et dérapages is the project of my Master's degree at the Campus Fonderie de l'Image.
This project questions the way we look at our living environment. Following several walkings, I collected and compiled a set of vernacular language from my neighborhood. In the manner of Uncreative Writing, this corpus of text led me to compose poems through a protocol writing. These poems were then displayed in my neighborhood.
Claire Laurent - Homepage Claire Laurent - Project Claire Laurent - Project Claire Laurent - About
✢ Personal website for Claire Laurent.
This website is the portfolio of the designer Claire Laurent. The development and the design of the site were entirely done by myself. Not having had any training in digital, this portfolio has been realized in autodidact. It is for me the beginning of an interest in web development. Although amateur, this skill allows me to experiment the world of the web by my own care. The creation of the site is based on the style of Claire Laurent, an efficiency as well as a particular attention to the concept.
Images archivées, collectées, empruntées - Couverture Images archivées, collectées, empruntées - Sommaire Images archivées, collectées, empruntées - M/M Images archivées, collectées, empruntées - Charles Mazé et Coline Sunier Images archivées, collectées, empruntées - Doubles texte Images archivées, collectées, empruntées - Boy Vereecken Images archivées, collectées, empruntées - Roman Cieslewicz
Images archivées, collectées, empruntées, Graphic Design thesis, 100x150 mm. Printed by l'Imprimerie Launay printed on a Cocoon recycled paper.
Images archivées, collectées, empruntées is about the use and reuse of pre-existing images to which the designers have attributed a new meaning, a new narration. In the context of a graphic design commission, what gestures do the designers use to reappropriate the image?
Images archivées, collectées, empruntées - Hacked
Images archivées, collectées, empruntées hacked with a borrowed image from Aurélien Brigaud's thesis, screen printed.
Images archivées, collectées, empruntées - Carte postale
✽ Postal card, 100x150 mm, screen printed.
❋✹✷ 2021
Éphémère - Couverture Éphémère - Rasoir d'Ockham Éphémère - Carte Éphémère - Éphémères Éphémère - Texte éphémère
❋ Éphémère, editorial design from the texts of Wikipédia, 160x240 mm, cover and bookmark screen printed.
Éphémère is an editorial course where we were asked to produce an edition based on articles from Wikipedia. I chose to work around the proliferation of information on the internet and the uses we make of this knowledge. Although linked by a protocol, this set of articles loses relevance to the first topic. The text becomes more and more pixelated, the white takes more and more space. The reading becomes more and more complicated. Then comes the question of the light pollution which guides our daily life and to which we let ourselves be trapped.
Éphémère - Ardoise
❋ Éphémère, cover of the book screen printed on slate
De la lettre à l'image - couverture De la lettre à l'image - fin De la lettre à l'image - Delaunay De la lettre à l'image - Kurt Schwitters
✹ De la lettre à l'image, editorial design from the texts of the Centre Georges Pompidou, 122x200 mm, cover printed with linocut on red paper
Burner Institute spécimen Burner Institute spécimen Burner Institute spécimen Burner Institute spécimen Burner Institute spécimen BurnerInstitute.otf Installation
✷ Burner institute, specimen based on a character printed with a fax on a 205x8985 mm thermal paper. Resulting from a workshop directed by Rozenn Voyer and Clément Faydit. During this workshop I worked with Aurélien Brigaud, Romain Marc and Antoine Jarno
✶ 2020
Y venir Dans un but Flaner Et y découvrir D'autres possibilités Logo Récolte Citadine Bombe peinture Stencil sur bois Palette pour signalétique
✶ La Récolte Citadine, visual identity and type design of the third-place. This project was done for my Bachelor diploma.
The visual identity created for La Récolte Citadine was designed to affirm the independence of the place. It encourages handmade and eco-responsibility. It's in this aim that I wished to set up 'tools' made at the disposal of the place. The typography, the pictograms as well as the communication supports are thought to facilitate the development and the manufacturing of the various communication supports.
Thank you, Merci
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